Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

Out idea of Sustainability

Based on the results of a thorough analysis we developed a detailed sustainability strategy for Almresort Baumschlagerberg. This strategy defines the key factors that we believe are important for a truly sustainable and self-sufficient corporate development.

By ecological sustainability we understand above all the preservation of nature. This begins with our own lifestyle and a considered and sustainable use of the resources at our disposal.

For us, ecologically sustainable action from an economic point of view represents resource conservation through higher energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies, the reduction of hazardous and toxic substances and the use of environmentally friendly products.

Furthermore, we emphasize on the development of a disposal strategy as well as waste reduction and the use of sustainable materials. Our meticulous value creation management ensures more transparency within our supply chains.

All our employees are trained accordingly in order to anchor the topic of sustainability in our corporate culture.

Total Self-Sufficiency in our resort

6000 liters of fresh mountain water per day

The high quality of our spring water has been confirmed several times by hygiene scientists and water experts. Our valuable spring water is fed directly into the Almresort and is available to our guests free of charge!

In addition, we have been able to tap an additional mountain water source just a few meters above the Almresort. 6000 liters of clear mountain water of the highest quality flow every day from this spring directly into our premises!

We serve our pure spring water free of charge with all meals. Because we consider water as one of nature’s most important gifts. A gift that we are happy to share with our guests.

Our self-sufficient energy center

A 320 kW wood chip heating system supplies the Almresort with environmentally friendly energy! Our own forest provides the necessary heating material.

All our alpine huts, chalets and the entire hotel area are supplied with energy in an environmentally friendly way.
Just like our outdoor pool, which is heated to a constant 33 degrees.

Individual electric charging station

More and more vacationers reach the Almresort with electric cars or hybrid vehicles. We have taken this into account and installed an electric charging station. Our guests can charge their electric vehicles for free at our 22KW electric charging station in front of the house!

Our photovoltaic system

Our latest achievement on the way to complete energy self-sufficiency is the photovoltaic system on the roof of our energy center. 28 kWp work at full speed and generate electricity from the electromagnetic rays of our wonderful mountain sun!