Farm holidays in Upper Austria!

Enjoy the amazing mountain panorama! As far as your eyes can see – only mountains, mountain, mountains! Now it’s your special time to relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Holidays on a farm – that means being close to the countryside and far away from your hectic everyday life. Cowbells ring idylically, and the landlady prepares your opulent organic breakfast with love. Freshly baked bread, homemade butter and jams, boiled eggs, homemade mozzarella and fresh milk will be available every morning.

Farming in the mountains means a lot of work. But up here, everything is a bit slower, says old farmer Joachim. Is it the incredible view? Or the remote location of the farm, which so wonderfully relieves of the general nervousness and speed we experience in other parts of the world? Our guests highly appreciate the absolute peace and serenity we offer. While the children help with the calves and cows in the barn or play with rabbits and cats, their parents can relax on the grass and do a little bit of day-dreaming. Your farm holiday cannot get any better! Up here every delighted child can be a farmer and learn to understand nature and life, with ease and a lot of joy. We love to show you our beautiful farm world and to give you pure relaxation and blissful holiday joy. We invite you to feel your whole inner being in our magnificent nature. To achieve this, we offer you an intensive adventure holiday. Visit us in our magnificent mountains, enjoy the present moment and life!

Our summer highlight: „Children’s Mountain Farmer Diploma!“

Children who feel like it, can take part in our weekly mountain farmer diploma competition – of course free of charge. Your kids will be offered a genuine mountain farming experience by participating in a wide range of everyday farm activities and getting to know animals and the landscape in a totally natural way. After passing the „exam“, each child will receive an individual „mountain farmer diploma“. Our Almresort staff will be delighted to get you more information on these activities. You can register your children in advance or personally upon arrival. Please note that a minimum stay of one week is required to be able to partake in this adventure.

In 2019 we received the 5th Flower for “Farm Holidays”!